DSLR Stills

Digital Photos

Photographic stills; various themes.

Fulmars; amazing interaction from birds that will follow boats for many many miles,

this one was taken while crossing the Greenland Sea and stayed with us for several hundreds of miles.

The Kelpies; these structures are HUGE. Arriving late one night in the rain, hoping for

a chance to take some reasonable pics. The barrier was down; no problem said the security guard

as he let me in for the night; the skies cleared briefly!

The love of rock pools; just sit and watch as more and more comes into view.

Careful positioning of camera and body limit reflections.

Watching you - Watching me!

This seal stayed for some time.

Corvids; very clever birds, this one placing a caddis fly on a rock in the middle of a burn, preparation before consumption.

A dung bettle, these wee guys have an amazing iridescent purple colour on their undersides. The down side, when you see it they are normally dying.

Marine environment issues; A fish farm had been shooting seals,

this seal pup was found a week later, emaciated, dead.


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