Welcome to a sample of Mark's photographic stills


Robins Galore



Mark is an 'old-style' photographer, where the eye is everything.


Using a 35mm Film SLR camera, self-taught, he progressed into the commercial markets, passing the LBIPP photographic qualification in 1999; via the stills inspection and examination method.


Having moved into the DSLR world, he lags behind with some of the computerised software knowledge; so most of what you see here is either unadulterated, cropped or had its exposure adjusted.....little else.


The BIPP process likes theme; so combining this with his best loved bird; A Robin Home Page.

Influence of the sea


Mark has spent much of his life on the sea engaged in, rescue and teaching; sea kayaking, coastal power boating, living on an island and studied a degree in Marine Science.



Medically Retired


Mark was injured while on duty in the police and has lived on Scotland's west coast ever since.



The Environment


Mark has always had an interest in nature, animals and conservation, from ancient woodland to marine ecosystems; he calls himself a science-based environmentalist. Recently, feeding into the activities of others and supporting individuals and NGOs.


Please note: These images are reduced Jpeg files for accessible Internet use, this does diminish their viewing potential. For full resolution photographic stills (raw files) please contact the Author via the contacts page.

Updating: The latest brood, deep in the undergrowth, only made

possible with the introduction of a new prime telephoto lens.


Plus could not resist....'Rock & Roll Robin'!


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